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Rental Trader is about matching travelers with homeowners who wish to rent a home or a room. We started Rental Trader since the “big guys” own the marketplace and have taken advantage of homeowners and travelers alike by charging outrageous fees. We aim to change that situation and will take back the industry before travel becomes too expensive for the average family to afford. We will keep costs low and service high. We believe in entrepreneurship and the greatness of innovation and hard work. We believe that travel should be available to anyone and everyone since it builds character, strong emotional and family bonds and creates special memories that will last beyond ourselves. We love the fact that just about anyone can participate and build a money-making enterprise that can make a difference in their own personal finances and for that of their family. Join the Rental Trader revolution! Read more Email: sales@rentaltrader.com Visit: https://blog.rentaltrader.com/ Address: 3219 E. Camelback Rd, Suite 274 Phoenix, AZ 85018
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A quiet place like home
It was a wonderful time spent here, like at home. A quiet, cozy place for your holiday time. Nice service and good location.


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274, 3219 E Camelback Rd, #274 Phoenix, AZ 85018, USA,

Phoenix, Arizona 85018